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You can access special fares and discounts on tickets thanks to your Avios, which you collect every time you fly or when you do your shopping. You get benefits such as a 24-hour customer service line or priority standby at airports.


You can collect 25% extra Avios on your next flight, get Group 2 priority boarding, check in at Business counters or carry more luggage.


You can get up to 50% extra Avios on your next flight and board with priority Group 1. You can also book your seat for free, take the Fast Track through security, get VIP parking and access Iberia Premium Lounges.


You get Avios personal credit for your next trip, are allowed 2 free upgrades, can request a limousine to collect you or drop you off and you can contact us at the 24-hour Platino Customer Service at any time.


You can gift an Iberia Plus Oro card to anyone you want, your Avios never expire, you get two free upgrades a years and you have access to an exclusive call centre.

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You get four free upgrades a year, you can gift two Iberia Plus Oro cards to anyone you want, you have guaranteed availability when you use your Avios and you’re exempt from paying any surcharges.